brand influencers…

Experienced or beginners, they need help. Running a successful ecom business need expertise and a deep understanding of international sourcing and logistics. FulfilmentChina automates the entire operations for Dropshippers of any size through its platform.

Private Label Entrepreneurs…

Finding the right product for a successful Private Label campaign/business is not easy. That’s why FulfilmentChina’s platform and team can help entrepreneurs in selecting the best products to invest on. FulfilmentChina also take care of global warehousing and shipping

For Brands willing to scale internationally…

Being successful locally is great, but taking the business to the next step on a global scale in another league. FulfilmentChina helps Brands scale their operations internationally without the hassle of investing in growing team and structure. Entrepreneurs can now scale their brand globally seamlessly.

Grow your passive income with the best-paying affiliate program in the e-commerce niche.

How It Works

We have systems with affiliate modules. Only need to analyze your url. You can let new clients mention your name when contacting us. We will ask new client who introduce us to him. Then once he register our App, we will add his user account under your Affiliate list.

Who can earn money with the Affiliate Program?

At FulfilmentChina, we believe that dropshipping is for everyone. And so is our affiliate program! Whether you are an agency owner, influencer, blogger, or website developer, you can be apart of the wave of change in terms of how the world views eCommerce and dropshipping.

Marketing Agency Owners

You are an agency owner with clients in the dropshipping space or who want to explore adding more products to their product catalog without holding inventory.


You are a blogger or media outlet with traffic to your website that is interested in starting or actively has an online store.

Social Media Influencers

You are an online creator on a social media platform such as Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube.

Website Developer

You are a Shopify website designer with clients looking to enter or currently in the dropshipping space.